With Connett Services we will keep you warm all winter long. Our quality technicians can repair your existing system or replace it with a high quality, high efficient system at a fair price. Our staff is trained and certified to offer you the perfect system for your home which will keep you warm and comfortable with energy efficiency.

If you are having trouble keeping an area of your home warm or a four-season room which needs extra heating we have the perfect solution. Mini Split Technology. With this technology it makes Mini Splits the highest efficient systems on the market today. These units have individual temperature controls for each room to enhance your comfort level.

Furnaces should be maintained yearly to ensure safety from carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide can cause illness or even death in some cases. We offer our customers Preventative Maintenance Agreements. With this Agreement it takes the burden off you. Connett Services will call and set up the appointment and do all the work.

You Can Count on Connett to keep the cold away.

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