Des Moines Heat Pump Services

Worn out heater? We can put the warmth back in your home— call today!

Whether you’re heating or cooling, your HVAC system is filled with complex components. Loud noises, expensive energy bills and a lack of heat are all signs that one of these parts needs attention.

A common part that serves you throughout the year is your heat pump. At Connett Services we repair, install and replace heat pumps to keep homes comfortable in Des Moines, IA. We can inspect your heat pump for any wear and tear during affordable annual maintenance. And if you need it repaired or replaced, we have the latest tools, techniques, and brands to get temperatures back where you want them.

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Heat Pump Service for Consistent Performance

You wouldn’t drive your car every day without regular maintenance for reliability. Well, your heat pump works every day, too. In order for it to continue operating at peak performance, we recommend having your heat pump serviced.

For total home comfort year round, we can inspect your heat pump for any current or potential damage. We’ll only recommend repairs or replacement if necessary. With our thumbs up you’ll be able to count on consistency with your heat pump!

Heat Pump Installation with Professional Equipment

To achieve optimal performance from your heater, it’s important that your system is installed correctly and is the right size for your needs. The only way to determine the proper size heat pump is with professional equipment and a measurement of your heating and cooling demands.

Depending on your home’s demand you may need a lager or smaller heat pump. Our expert service team can accurately determine the size you need and get it installed correctly. Are you ready to enjoy warmth from the leading Des Moines, IA heat pump installers? Call today!

24 Hour Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pump out again? That’s not a problem with Connett Services! We know heat pumps like the back of our hand and we’re available beyond the 9-to-5 to help you!

Our skilled technicians will arrive at your door ready to solve your heat pump problem! With refined troubleshooting, friendly service, and quality work, you’ll be enjoying comfortable temperatures in no time!

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