Des Moines Heater Installations

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Does your heater waste a ton of energy? Is it putting out enough warmth? Are you facing another expensive repair on equipment that’s old anyway? If it’s time to upgrade the comfort level in your home, we can help!

Connett Services in Des Moines, IA has been installing and replacing heaters since 1999. Our years of experience gives us the edge when you need heating suggestions. With flat-rate pricing and honest recommendations we’ll help you choose a new heater that’s perfect for your family.

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Need to Replace Your Heater? We Have Options

We always say that annual service to your heating system is the best way to keep it running properly. If you’ve overlooked needed maintenance, and your heater is on the way out, we’re happy to give you a range of options that fit your budget.

Investing in a new heater is spendy, that’s why we’ll only suggest a replacement if necessary. When a new heater is the best course of action, we’ll lay out your options to keep you in control of your comfort and wallet!

Cost-Effective Heating Installation

Heating isn’t just a luxury, it’s an important modern factor in keeping your family healthy in the cold and flu season. When you’re looking to replace your old heater for a more efficient and reliable unit, we want to keep things affordable for you.

We’ve structured our pricing system to benefit the customer. With flat-rates, the money part is simple, so we can focus on finding you a quick and durable solution. We’ll always factor in your current heating system and desired efficiency to keep installation and maintenance costs low. Call Connett Services for competitive HVAC solutions in Des Moines, IA.

Tips for Selecting a Heater

Choosing the best heating system for your house is not easy. The trick is to plan properly before you decide and purchase. The right system will help you to save money, fuel and energy. Here are a few tips to help you choose an efficient heater for your home.


A heating system is not your typical everyday buy. Rather than saving money for a poor-quality heater, look for a system that will provide the best value for money. Focus on quality and get the best system you can afford.


Different heating systems have varying efficiency levels. Invest in a heating system with a high rating of annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). Consider choosing a heating system with an AFUE rating of over 80%.


Quality and workmanship matter a great deal, but it’s also important to consider the size of the heating system. Consult a professional for advice on the appropriate size of heater for your premises.


When looking for a new heating system, consider your local climate. If you experience harsh winters, you will have different needs from someone who experiences mild winters. Colder climates require more powerful heating systems.

Watch the Market

There are plenty of different types of heating systems in the market today. You will want to watch for new models being released as they’re often more efficient.

Forced air is currently the most popular form of heating system. Most heaters use natural gas. There are also electric models and heat pumps, which provide both heating and air conditioning. You could also opt for a boiler or geothermal heating system.

Alternative Heating Options for Any Home

Regardless of your home’s size, layout, and heating needs, we can get creative to find a solution for you! Not every home is equipped with ductwork for easy heater installation, but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze this winter!

From conventional heaters to furnaces and ductless mini split systems, we have options for everyone. Our comfort specialists will help you determine what type of heater is right, whether you’re looking to supplement your current system, replace an outdated one, or install a brand new unit!

Make sure your heater is pumping the cleanest air possible with our filter replacement services!

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