Des Moines Air Handler Services

AC struggling to perform? We’ll get it functioning right!

Air conditioners are complex machines. Any number of things can go wrong when it’s working hard to keep you cool. Worn out components can surprise you with a breakdown at any time. When you need AC-related repairs, we can quickly troubleshoot and diagnose the issue!

A common problem with air conditioners is the air handler. This feature of your AC is what regulates and circulates the air in your home. Connett Services is fully-equipped and experienced to repair your air handler in Des Moines, IA.

After we get your air handler repaired, we can help you get on a seasonal maintenance plan to avoid future mishaps— Contact us for annual service!

What Is an Air Handler

You may have noticed a big metal box near your ductwork system. That box is filled with important components that distribute cool and warm air throughout your home (you might have heard it referred to as a blower). Several mechanisms including dirty coils, worn out fans, and overheated equipment can cause your air handler to function improperly.

Our AC professionals can hone in on the problem and provide you with a trusted solution. If the problem is your air handler, we will replace or repair it with high-quality parts. To prevent a minor issue from turning into a major one, contact Connett Services at the first sign of trouble.

Enhanced AC Performance from Your Air Handler

A powerful air handler can greatly improve the way your air conditioner performs. This component is responsible for pulling hot or cold energy into your home and circulating through the rooms. It’s a pretty important piece!

If your air handler is out of order, we can repair or replace it to get your AC at peak performance. You’ll notice the difference with improved air quality, energy efficiency, and a quieter system. For help with your air handler in Des Moines, IA, call today!

What If the Air Handler Isn’t the Problem

Not sure if your air handler is the problem? Our AC technicians know the ins and outs of any AC and can replace the part you need. We can troubleshoot the actual issue and perform a high-quality repair.

We have a large inventory to quickly obtain the part you need and our professional technicians will get right to work! For an AC diagnosis you can count on, get in touch with Connett Services today!

We have your heating solutions as well! Contact us for an expert heating repair today!

For expert AC repair in Des Moines, IA call (515) 967-0002 today. We’ll bring comfy temperatures your way!