Emergency Heating

Helping You With Emergency Heater Repairs

Des Moines Heater Repairs

We work late to help you with emergency heater repairs- call anytime!

Why shiver until tomorrow? A late-night heating emergency shouldn’t ruin your sleep! You need a support team that’s available 24/7 to fix your broken heater and bring back cozy temps.

At Connett Services, we offer emergency repairs at a competitive price. We’ve been installing, maintaining, and repairing heating systems in Des Moines, IA since 1999. Customers love our prompt, personal attention, and quality repairs that last.

Your heater is complex, and it takes a pro to quickly pinpoint the problem. Our professional technicians are well-trained to hunt down the source of your heating issue. And if you need a replacement part, you can count on a quality inventory.

We use top-tier brands for heating and cooling components to make sure any fix we take care of will last. We don’t want you to waste your money, so we pay close attention to every detail to complete a quality repair.

When that heating emergency strikes, call Connett Services for after-hours help! Our friendly team will listen to your unique problem and send a heating specialist to you. After inspecting your HVAC system and diagnosing the problem, they’ll give you a recommendation on the best repair.

With a wide inventory of durable parts, we’ll be able to fix your heater quickly. We’ll respect your home and evening or weekend schedule to find you a solution that’s reliable and fast. With flat-rate pricing, skilled after hours technicians, and quality replacement parts, we’re the obvious choice for 24-hour heating repairs.

Rarely will your heater suddenly stop working without showing some signs that it needs to be repaired. Rather than wait until your unit suddenly stops, it’s best to know the signs and seek professional help before you have a bigger problem on your hands. Here are some signs your heater needs to be repaired.

One of the major signs that there’s something wrong with your unit is when you notice a sudden spike in power bills. Contact us, and we’ll have a technician check your heater to see if it’s working properly.

Some heater sounds are normal but banging, squealing, and rattling could indicate that there’s something wrong with your furnace. Call a professional to identify the cause and address any potential issues as soon as possible.

Modern heaters are designed to be as efficient as possible. If your heating system runs constantly, then it has become too inefficient. Constant cycling often points to a failed compressor, the need for professional cleaning or an undersized unit.

Your heater is on, but you notice uneven heating and cold spots as you walk around the house. Sudden temperature changes and drafts may also indicate that your heater is not suited to the needs of your home. This may also indicate heating system ductwork issues.

If you notice any of the signs listed, be sure to contact a technician as soon as possible. More often than not, early detection and prompt action can minimize repair costs and ensure your system is back to normal as quickly as possible.

Have you been neglecting your heater? When was the last time you gave it some much-needed love? In order to keep you warm all winter, your heater needs some annual attention to keep it running smoothly.

Our comfort specialists can give your HVAC system a thorough inspection and cleaning to make sure everything is in proper order. You’ll notice better efficiency and improved air quality. This is also the best way to ensure you don’t encounter a surprise breakdown on a cold night!


Paying for major HVAC repairs and replacements can be a burden. Connett Services offers affordable, hassle-free financing to make your life easier. Enjoy convenient online bill pay and low monthly payments!